Write & Wipe Math Fact Family Boards

Write & Wipe Fact Family Boards
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by Learning Resources

Ages 7 +
Grades 1 +
Set of 5

Use these math–fact triangles again and again!

Familiar triangle format offers a powerful method for building number fact fluency and teaching fact families.

  • Focuses on both addition/subtraction (on front side) and multiplication/division (on reverse)
  • Supports development of higher–level algebraic skills such as equation building, the commutative property and problem solving
  • Write & wipe surface on both sides of the board
  • Triangle boards measure 10"H

Familiar triangle format reinforces fact families and number fact fluency. Double-sided, write & wipe boards focus on addition/subtraction on one side, multiplication/division on reverse. Support algebraic skills such as equations, the commutative property and problem solving.

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