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Go To The Head Of The Class Game
The classic Milton Bradley game was reviewed by The Toy Research Institute.
Our game earned the TTT mark of excellence indicating that it exceeded
expectations of children, parents, and educators.


Ages 7 + 
2 - 6 Players


Go to the Head of the Class Game 

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Go to the Head of the Class Game Description:

The legendary question and answer game where the whole family competes equally. Advance from Kindergarten through 8th grade and then to the “head of the class.” The quiz booklet features 6 different subjects and 3 levels of difficulty, the first player to reach the head of the class and answer a “final exam” question wins the game!

All "pupils" start in kindergarten and move from desk to desk, grade to grade, until one reaches the "Head of the Class" space and wins the game. Moving forward requires a little knowledge, a bit of wit, and a dash of luck. Land on a desk with a "homework" assignment and you might get a good grade, and move further ahead, or be sent back if your "grade" is poor.
Go to the Head of the Class Game Board 
Set of Tokens
28 Page Quiz Booklet


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