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Teaching Cash Register Game & Activity Book 
Cha-ching!! Playing store comes to life with this talking, interactive cash register
where transactions are rewarded with lights, sounds and voice messages.
Holds life-size money and includes a built-in scanner, scale, coin slot and volume control.
Engaging games help kids practice basic math skills such as addition, subtraction and coin identification.
Perfect for your next Lemonade Stand!

Teaching Cash Register
Plus Cash Register Book
by Learning Resources

Ages 3 to 12
Comes with FREE Activity Book
A $4.95 Value

Teaching Cash Register

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Teaching Cash Register Game Description:

 Learning money and basic math skills comes to life with this talking, interactive cash register. Students will have fun practicing coin identification, addition, subtraction and place value as they play four featured games that increase in difficulty as players advance their math skill levels. Also great for pretend play exercises and learning basic calculator skills.

Cha-ching! Award-winning talking register brings pretend stores to life.
Since the Teaching Cash Register requires touch and responds with lights, sounds, voice messages and electronic displays, it is ideal for students with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles.
Ring up some math fun! This talking, teaching cash register is attractive, realistic,
loads of fun and educational. The register comes complete with working scale, credit card, coupon and play money. It has four built-in games that teach children coin identification, addition, subtraction and place-value, all encompassing a variety of skill levels. With realistic sounds and functions, children play for hours alone or in pairs, to explore all the features and play the games. An amazing toy that will grow with children for years to come.

Features include:

Transactions are rewarded with lights, sounds & voice messages
Built-in games teach Coin Identification, Addition, Subtraction and Place-Value
Coin reader identifies real and included plastic play coins
Checkout scanner with sound
Real working scale
Large LCD screen shows real-life transactions with big, easy-to-read numbers
Check coin total
The automatic shutoff saves on batteries and reminds students to
"Come and play again!"
Requires 3C batteries, not included.